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Mark Collmer

Straightforward Legal Strategies

If you’ve suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence or are involved in civil litigation, Collmer Law Group will help you get the best resolution possible for your case with straightforward legal strategies, clear communications, and an unwavering commitment to superior customer service.

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Auto Accidents

Accidents can happen at any moment and reverberate through your life for years. Whether you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, or commercial trucking accident, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you get justice for your injuries.

Product Liability

Manufacturers and distributors have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products are safe for consumers. When they fail those responsibilities, we hold them accountable. From consumer goods to auto defects, we’ll give you the legal resources you need to recover the damages you deserve.

Aviation Litigation

In the wake of an aviation accident, survivors and family members of victims have many questions about what went wrong and who is responsible. Collmer Law Group has the resources to help you find the answers and hold those responsible to account.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are particularly vulnerable on the road, which is why motorcycle accidents are many times more likely to result in serious injury or death. We’ll help you pick up the pieces and get fair compensation.


Automobile Defects

When auto manufacturers and dealers fall short of safety requirements, the results can be devastating. Collmer Law Group will work with you to figure out what went wrong and get justice from the responsible parties.


Commercial Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks are often more complicated than normal accidents: truck drivers often cross state lines and liability can change depending on the nature of their employment—not to mention the big insurance agencies employed by shipping companies.


Legal Malpractice Defense

Allegations of legal malpractice can be incredibly damaging to an attorney’s practice professional reputation, even if the substance of the charges is never born out by the evidence. Collmer Law Group is proud to represent attorneys accused of legal malpractice in and out of court.


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