Houston Legal Malpractice Defense Attorney

Legal Malpractice Defense for Houston Attorneys

Legal malpractice suits are all too often an unfortunate reality of being a practicing attorney. The damage they can do to your professional reputation and the potential for bad publicity—not to mention the financial damages awarded to plaintiffs—mean that any attorney accused of legal malpractice needs to act decisively to protect their reputation and their practice. At Collmer Law Group, we are proud to defend Texas attorneys against legal malpractice law suits.

Mediation and Litigation

Allegations of legal malpractice can take many forms: conflict of interest, professional negligence, breach of contract, and more. No matter the exact nature of the allegations, the mere public existence of these charges can be quite damaging to any professional attorney. For this reason, we strive to resolve conflicts through mediation whenever possible, before they make their way to the courts. However, if litigation is impossible to avoid, we will fight to defend your reputation and legal standing.

Serving Houston Clients for Nearly 40 Years

Attorney Mark W. Collmer of Collmer Law Group has been a practicing litigator since 1982. He has built a strong reputation based on his record of success as a civil litigator and personal injury attorney. Mr. Collmer is proud to stand up for his fellow attorneys in legal malpractice cases and has the expertise to ensure the best outcome possible for your case.

If you’ve been accused of legal malpractice, call Collmer Law Group today at (713) 337-4040 to talk to an experienced Houston legal malpractice defense attorney.